Hairy Crab Tea

Hairy Crab tea (毛蟹茶, Máo Xiè Chá) also known as Mao Xie tea is a kind of Chinese oolong tea. It is native to the Anxi County of Fujian Province, where is also the hometown of Tieguanyin tea. There are many fine hairs on the back of fresh tea leaves, so it is called Hairy Crab tea.

Hairy Crab tea is one of the four famous oolong tea in Anxi County and it is very similar to Tieguanyin tea in appearance. Hairy Crab tea is easy to cultivate, so its yield is high.

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History of Hairy Crab Tea

According to the tea book written by Fujian Academy of Agriculture Sciences, Hairy Crab tea was first cultivated in 1907.

It said that in 1907, a person went out to buy cloth and passed by a village. He heard that there is a kind of tea that grows very fast and can be picked after two years of growth. Then he brought back more than 100 plants and cultivated them in his tea garden. This kind of tea tree is Hairy Crab tea.

Because of its high yield and good quality, Hairy Crab tea spread to other places quickly. After a hundred years of development, it has become a famous oolong tea.

Characteristics of Hairy Crab Tea

Hairy Crab tea has wide adaptability, and its growth period is 8 months a year. Its germination ability is strong and its buds are dense and neat, so there can be picked many times.

Hairy Crab tea grows in the mountain area with an altitude of about 1,200 meters. It is surrounded by clouds all year round and the valley is rich in vapor. In addition, the unique acid soil of the mountain makes Hairy Crab tea has a strong taste and fragrance.

Unlike most other teas, the shape of the dried Hairy Crab tea is granular and tight and its color is black-green and black-yellow, which is similar to that of Tieguanyin tea.

After brewing, the tea liquid of Hairy Crab tea is bright and light yellow. It has a strong fragrance similar to that of jasmine. Tieguanyin tea’s fragrance is similar to that of the orchid. Hairy Crab tea tastes strong and mellow and has a sweet aftertaste.

Many people like Hairy Crab tea just because of its distinctive jasmine fragrance and endless aftertaste. It can be said that Hairy Crab tea is a kind of superior tea that is worth tasting and savoring quietly.

Benefits of Hairy Crab Tea

Hairy Crab tea has many same benefits as other oolong tea. Here are the main benefits of Hairy Crab tea:

  • Detox
  • Diuretic
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-cancer
  • Weight loss
  • Help digestion
  • Improve hearing
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood lipids
  • Improve indigestion